This site brings together, in one place, clear and accurate information for both educators and Armed Forces parents. It is an evolving product and will continue to have information and resources added.

This website has been created by the Association of Directors of Education (ADES), in conjunction with the Scottish Government, Local Authorities across Scotland and the Ministry of Defence.

For parents

We hope it answers many of the questions you have when you move to Scotland. This information has been brought together to give you an introduction to the Scottish education system; provide you with an understanding of the geography and education resources available; and to join-up the MoD (SFA and posting assignments) with local authority and schools information.

For professional educators

We created this website and the accompanying resources in order to help you and your schools appropriately support Armed Forces children. We know Forces children are in schools in every local authority across Scotland and we hope it will assist you in understanding some of the life experiences and their various education journeys. Having an appreciation for the issues around mobility and additional support needs (especially, interrupted learning) will enable you to be more receptive and able to provide assistance if, and when needed.

Carolyn Macleod

Carolyn MacLeod MBE, ADES National Transitions Officer

Carolyn is a former teacher whose role with the Association of Directors of Education Scotland (ADES) is to create a blueprint for education policy affecting the movement of Forces children in, out and within Scotland.

Carolyn is on secondment from the Royal Caledonian Education Trust (RCET), Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s charity.

She works with Scottish Local Authorities (rather than with individual families), schools, children’s services and the Armed Forces to enhance policy and practice. She encourages liaison and communication, works closely with the Scottish Government, Education Scotland and is a member of the Scottish Service Children’s Strategic Group (SSCSG). Carolyn can be contacted at info@forceschildrenseducation.org.uk

Carolyn has held the position of National Transitions Officer since 2012 and has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in this area. She is a military spouse and parent.

MoD Education Support Fund

The site has been funded by the MoD Education Support Fund (ESF) under the management of the ADES National Transitions Officer.  The ESF is the responsibility of the MoD’s Directorate Children and Young People (DCYP) and the aim of the fund is to support projects which mitigate the effects of “exceptional mobility” or “deployment”.

There are currently a number of other projects being funded across Scotland by the ESF. These are mainly in the authorities where there are major regular Armed Forces bases – Angus, Argyll & Bute, Edinburgh City, Fife, Highland, Moray, and Midlothian. In addition, Renfrewshire Council which has significant Armed Forces children but no major base has received funding. Elsewhere, some individual schools or clusters of schools have received funding. The overall process is supported in Scotland by the ADES National Transitions Officer with establishment visits and centralised meetings to exchange good or interesting practice.

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