Welcome, Forces Children’s Education (this site) includes clear and accurate information for educators and Armed Forces families, with the latest information and resources being added regularly. This website was created by the Association of Directors of Education (ADES), in conjunction with the Scottish Government, Local Authorities across Scotland and the Ministry of Defence.

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For families

This information has been brought together to give you an introduction to the Scottish education system; provide you with an understanding of the geography and education resources available, and join up the MoD (SFA and posting assignments) with local authority and schools information. Find out more

For professional educators

This website will help you and your schools appropriately support Armed Forces children. Forces children are in schools in every local authority across Scotland and we hope to assist you in understanding some of the life experiences and their various education journeys. Having an appreciation for the issues around mobility and additional support needs (especially, interrupted learning) will enable you to provide assistance if, and when, needed. Find out more

Carolyn Macleod

Carolyn MacLeod MBE

ADES National Transitions Officer (NTO)

Carolyn is the sole ‘enabler’ of support for Armed Forces children and young people in Scotland’s schools. She is dedicated to helping educators meet the specific needs of Forces families and to improving pupils’ wellbeing and outcomes

Carolyn, a former teacher, helps to manage and guide the oversight of Armed Forces children moving into, within, and out of Scotland – from Early Years through to Primary and Secondary Schools, and then on to further destinations. A key part of her role is identifying and addressing the specific challenges faced during periods of transition to mitigate the impact of mobility and deployment.

The strategic role of the ADES National Transitions Officer (NTO) is as the central locus of support and advice for Armed Forces children and young people in Scotland.

The NTO works with schools, local authorities, children’s services partners, and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to shape policy and practice, ensuring the unique needs of Forces children are highlighted and considered.

Carolyn liaises with the Scottish Government and national bodies as a representative of the MoD to help ensure equitable education provision and continuous improvements in the education experiences and outcomes of Forces children. The NTO contributes to the delivery of the MoD Firm Base – the secure home front that sustains the Armed Forces, supports training and deployment, and ensures the support of the public – is a member of the Scottish Government’s Scottish Armed Forces Education Support Group (SAFESG) and contributes to relevant Scottish Parliament Cross-Party Groups.

Carolyn collaborates with all 32 of Scotland’s local authorities via each council’s dedicated Lead Officer for Forces families, who is a member of the ADES Armed Forces Working Group, which helps shape policy and guidance. The NTO also has a forum of headteachers (from schools with Tri-Service families) who work in collaboration and pass on advice and best practice to their teachers and staff.

To contact Carolyn or a member of the ADES Armed Forces Working Group, please email   info@forceschildrenseducation.org.uk

MoD Education Support Fund

The Forces Children’s Education website has been funded by the MOD Education Support Fund (ESF) under the management of the ADES National Transitions Officer.  The ESF is the responsibility of the MOD Armed Forces Families and Safeguarding (AFFS), formerly the Directorate Children and Young People (DCYP).

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