Information for families

Navy mum smiling at camera with infant child

Education in Scotland

Scotland has a world-class education system that produces thousands of well educated, qualified and skilled young people every year. It is a different education system to those used elsewhere within the UK.

Armed Forces families who are entering the Scottish education system for the first time need to understand how the Scottish system works so that they can help their child get the best out of their time at school here. Find out more…

Army dad in dress uniform hugging his daughter and smiling at camera

Education is a partnership

We believe that parental involvement is a key factor in whether or not a child does well at school.

Whether you and your family are in Scotland for a short posting or a long-term stay, being actively involved with your child’s school and their teachers will help you ensure that their Scottish education experience is a positive and valuable part of their life-long learning journey. Find a school…

Airforce father holding his small child who is wearing a Royal Air Force baseball cap

Supporting schools

Lots of work is being done in Scotland to help schools support Armed Forces children. It is really important to tell schools that you are an Armed Forces family. Don’t assume that they know. Tell them, and show them this website.

Good communication with the school is hugely important. Share your child’s journey with them – where they’ve been before and what they’ve learnt. If you do it will help the school do the very best they can for your child. Find out more…