• Forthside Barracks, Stirling


Forthside Barracks is located in Stirling in central Scotland (Postcode: FK7 7RR). View this site on Google Maps

Service family accommodation

There is some Service Families Accommodation for personnel based at Forthside in Stirling.

Catchment schools

A list of all the catchment schools serving the Stirling patch is below.

Choosing a non-catchment school

The schools listed on this website are only those with catchment areas containing military housing. In Scotland, it is sometimes possible to choose a school outside your catchment area and there are other schools in the area which may be suitable, particularly if you have chosen not to live in quarters.

Forthside Barracks falls within the jurisdiction of Stirling Council, for details of other schools in Stirling, click here.

In Stirling if you wish your child to attend a school other than the catchment school you are required to make a placing request to Stirling council. Please note you must still apply for a place in your catchment school (which may be changed later).

Placing requests can only be granted where surplus space exists and some schools are unable to admit placing requests due to high numbers of catchment pupils.


The list below can be filtered to show only the schools with catchment areas covering your Service Family Area, choose an area from the buttons below to apply the filter:

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools


Forthside Barracks is located within the local authority of Stirling. Stirling council administers 30 nursery, 40 primary and 7 secondary schools.

Process for registering military children at a school

On moving to the area, families should make an appointment with the Headteacher of their catchment nursery or school in order to begin the enrolment process.

As part of the enrolment process, you are required to provide a birth certificate and proof of residency. Armed Forces families who do not yet have their address will need to submit a placing request.

Additional support needs

When a child with additional support needs moves into the authority, the outgoing Named Person should promptly notify the incoming Named Person or Education Service; the latter is particularly relevant if the child has not enrolled at a school.

Once a school is identified a TAC transition planning meeting should be arranged by the incoming Named Person, with relevant persons in attendance such as the child’s current Named Person, Lead Professional, partner agencies, and parent.

Recommendations should be provided to the Education Service if additional resources have been identified to meet the child’s needs and the appropriate authority processes identified and followed.

Term dates

For information on the current regional term dates for schools within the Stirling council area, click here.

Contact details

Chief Education Officer, Stirling Council
Tel: 01786 404 040
Email: info@stirling.gov.uk