• HM Condor, Arbroath, Angus

    a Merlin Mk3A of 845 (NAS) Naval Air Squadron at 45 Commando Royal Marines (Cdo RM), Condor Barracks, Arbroath during Exercise Flying Scotsman


RM Condor (Postcode: DD11 3SP) is situated 2 miles north of Arbroath and 20 miles east of Dundee. View this site on Google Maps.

Service families accommodation

Service Families Accommodation is located approximately 1-2 miles outside the camp. Military housing is in the catchment area of the schools listed below.

Catchment schools

Military housing is in the catchment area of the schools listed below.

Choosing a non-catchment school

The schools listed on this website are those with catchment areas containing military housing. In Scotland, it is sometimes possible to choose a school outside your catchment area and there are other schools in the area which may be suitable, particularly if you have chosen not to live in quarters. For details of other schools nearby, click here.

Base image

The image above is a Merlin Mk3A of 845 (NAS) Naval Air Squadron at 45 Commando Royal Marines (Cdo RM), Condor Barracks, Arbroath during Exercise Flying Scotsman. 845 NAS are part of Commando Helicopter Force based at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, Somerset. The Merlin squadron will be conducting mountain flying and troop movements with 45 Cdo RM during the exercise. Sept 5, 2017. This image is used  courtesy of the Royal Navy Imagery, used under © Crown Copyright


The list below can be filtered to show only the schools with catchment areas covering your Service Family Area, choose an area from the buttons below to apply the filter:

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

Angus Council

HM Condor and Service Family Accommodation fall within the jurisdiction of Angus Council.

Angus Council Education Service and schools work closely with the military at RM Condor. Members of the Service Family Liaison team attend the Condor Playgroup on a weekly basis. Schools also work with RM Condor on individual projects and activities.

Armed Forces Support

Angus council employs a small, dedicated team of staff in schools who work with children who have parents in the Armed Forces. The main aims of the team are:

  • to support Armed Forces children and young people in their new learning community
  • to help them settle in
  • to ensure that they continue to learn
  • to identify and support pupils who have gaps in their learning that have arisen from moving between different education systems.

The team will usually work with groups of children (military and non-military) but with a focus on meeting the needs of the Forces child.

Process for registering a child from an Armed Forces family

You should contact your school of choice to register your child. They should answer any questions you have and, if necessary help you complete any additional paperwork (ASN, placing requests etc).

The teachers can be available to meet Forces families new to the area, welcome them to the school and help support children while settling in. A welcome booklet is also available, contact the Education Support Officer at Angus Council for a copy.

Additional support needs

The school admission form asks for details of any Additional Support Needs and this is what triggers the ASN process. Based on this information a pre-enrolment meeting would be arranged by catchment school to discuss your child’s support needs. Depending on the significance of these needs a child may be placed in a Specifically Resourced School.

School holidays and term dates

There are four terms in our academic school year – spring, summer, autumn and winter. The school year starts in mid August and finishes at the end of June.

For term dates and school calendars please visit the Council website

Contact details

If you have any questions or require any further information about securing a school place for your child in Angus contact, Education Support Officer for Additional Support Needs, Angus Council

Tel:      01307 473969
Email: prestons@angus.gov.uk