• Queen’s Barracks, Perth


Queen’s Barracks is located in Perth in central Scotland.

The postcode for Queen’s Barracks is: PH1 5BT

Service family accommodation

There is no Service Families Accommodation in Perth and personnel based at Queen’s Barracks are accommodated in private rental accommodation.

Catchment schools

Once you know your address you can enter your postcode here to find a list of your catchment schools.  

Choosing a non-catchment school

If you wish your child to attend a school other than the catchment school you have the right to make a placing request to Perth council.  A guide for parents on making and obtaining a placing request can be found here. 

Should you wish your child to attend a primary school other than their local catchment area school, you should not register your child at the local catchment school.

Placing requests can only be granted where surplus space exists and some schools are unable to admit placing requests due to high numbers of catchment pupils.


We are working to bring more information about schools and education services in this area.



Queen’s Barracks is located within the Local Authority of Perth & Kinross council.


School enrolment process for Armed Forces families


Full information about the P&K enrolment process can be found on the enrolment page of their website.

Armed Forces families moving to the Perth & Kinross should, in the first instance, contact the school they wish to enrol their child in.

You will be invited to contact the Headteacher for further information about registration arrangements.


School Holidays and Term dates


Click here for information on the current term dates for schools within the Perth & Kinross council area.




For further information please contact your catchment School or email: ecsschools@pkc.gov.uk.