• RAF Lossiemouth, Moray


RAF Lossiemouth is located on the north coast of Scotland.

The postcode for RAF Lossiemouth is: IV31 6SD

Service family accommodation

Service Family Accommodation for personnel based at Lossiemouth is located in:

  • Lossiemouth
  • Pinefield, Elgin
  • Bishopmill, Elgin
  • Springfield, Elgin

Catchment schools

A full list of all the catchment schools serving these patches is below.

Use the appropriate filter to select a specific patch and view the catchment schools associated with it.

Parents should note that these patches all fall within the jurisdiction of Moray Council.

Choosing a non-catchment school

The schools listed are those with catchment areas containing military housing.

In Scotland it is sometimes possible to choose a school outside your catchment area and there are other schools in the area which may be suitable, particularly if you have chosen not to live in quarters.

For details of other schools in Moray click here 



The list below can be filtered to show only the schools with catchment areas covering your Service Family Area, choose an area from the buttons below to apply the filter:

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools



Kinloss Barracks and Service Family Accommodation fall within the jurisdiction of Moray Council.

Due to the long-standing association of the Armed Forces in Moray our schools have significant experience of military children moving into and out of the area and are well versed in handling the associated issues of transferring between the English and Scottish education systems.


Process for registering a child from an Armed Forces family


When you move to Moray from another area, you should register your school-age children immediately at their local school.  When you register, you will be expected to state whether you wish to:

  • enroll your child at your local (catchment) school
  • make a placing request (i.e. ask to attend a different school that is outside your catchment area)
  • or for P1 entry, if you wish to defer entry to school for a year.

In most cases you will simply choose to enrol your children at their local school. When you register Primary 7 children in Moray, they will automatically be registered at the secondary school they are zoned to according to their address.

On the school registration forms, there is a section where you can indicate that your child is part of an Armed Forces family. Please provide this information.

If you require nursery school provision, all three- and four-year-olds in Scotland are eligible for 600 hours per year (the equivalent of around 16 hours per week during term-time) early learning and childcare starting from around the first term after their third birthday. Some two-year-olds are also eligible: for more information please click here.

Each of the primary schools listed above has a nursery attached: requests for places in these should be made following the above enrollment procedure. Please contact other providers individually to discuss their enrolment requirements.  


Additional Support Needs


Many children with additional support needs (ASN) in Moray receive support for provision within their mainstream school. If your child has been diagnosed with ASN or currently attends a special school, please contact the school which your child will be attending in Moray to discuss arrangements for supporting their education.

Applegrove Primary School within the Forres ASG, Hythehill Primary School within the Lossiemouth ASG, and Seafield Primary School within the Elgin Academy ASG have enhanced provision for ASN.

Elgin Academy has a specialist unit focusing on autism and is the first in Scotland to receive autism accreditation.

You may wish to consider submitting a placing request to one of these schools if your child has specific ASN requirements.

More information on Additional Support for Learning can be found at this link.

There is specialist early year provision at Ladybird Development Group in Lossiemouth for children who require additional support and Noah’s Ark Playgroup in Forres is a day care centre for children aged 0-3 with additional support needs.


School holidays and term dates


Click here for information on the current term dates for schools within the Moray area


Contact details


Name:  Education and Social Care, Moray Council Offices, High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BX

Tel:       01343 563 374

Email:  Educationandsocialcare@moray.gov.uk