• Redford Barracks, Edinburgh


Redford Barracks is located near to Dreghorn Barracks, in the village of Colinton, on the outskirts of the city of Edinburgh.

The postcode for Redford Barracks is: EH13 0PP

Service families accommodation

Service Family Accommodation for Redford is located in five locations in or around Edinburgh. The five patches are:

  • Dreghorn (City of Edinburgh Council)
  • Redford (City of Edinburgh Council)
  • Redhall/Longstone (City of Edinburgh Council)
  • Glencorse (Midlothian Council)
  • Craigiehall (City of Edinburgh Council)

Catchment schools

A full list of all the catchment schools serving these patches is below.

Use the appropriate filter to select a specific patch and view the catchment schools associated with it.

Parents should note that the patches fall within the jurisdiction of two different councils (Edinburgh City & Midlothian).

Choosing a non-catchment school

The schools listed are those with catchment areas containing military housing.

In Scotland it is sometimes possible to choose a school outside your catchment area and there are other schools in the area which may be suitable, particularly if you have chosen not to live in quarters.

Dreghorn, Redford & Longhall fall within the jurisdiction of Edinburgh City Council. For details of other schools nearby click here 

Craigiehall falls within the jurisdiction of Edinburgh City.  For details of other schools nearby click here

Glencorse falls within the jurisdiction of Midlothian.  For details of other schools nearby click here


The list below can be filtered to show only the schools with catchment areas covering your Service Family Area, choose an area from the buttons below to apply the filter:


Redford Barracks and Service Family Accommodation fall within the jurisdiction of  Edinburgh City Council.


Process for registering a military child in school


Contact the school you wish to register your child at directly. We recommend you arrange to visit the school before registering to meet with the Headteacher. For more information, please visit the Council’s Schools portal

If you don’t yet have a postcode and are awaiting allocation of housing, you are still able to register your child for school. You will be required to complete a placing request.


Additional Support Needs


If your child has additional support needs and you would like to know more about the Special Schools and support available in Edinburgh, click here.

The Additional Support for Learning Service can provide in-school and at-home support for children. Their different teams work closely with schools, nurseries and also the community. For more information visit the ASLS website


School Holidays and Term dates


For information on the current regional term dates for schools within the Edinburgh City Council area, click here.


Contact Details


The City of Edinburgh Council Placement Team

Tel: 0131 469 3033
Email: school.placements@edinburgh.gov.uk
Website: www.edinburgh.gov.uk/schoolplaces