Claiming Child Trust Funds

The Cover of HMRC's quick start guide to Child Trust Funds

The Scottish Government Fairer Scotland team is asking those eligible to withdraw their Child Trust Fund before the opportunity passes.

If you were born in the United Kingdom after 1 September 2002, you are almost certain to have a Child Trust Fund – money put into a personal account for you by the Government, which could now be worth £1,000 or more. You can take control of it from your 16th birthday, before getting access to the money after turning 18.

The latest information from the Money and Pensions Service last year, indicated the total value of unclaimed adult Child Trust Funds (CTFs) across Scotland is more than £80 million. There is an additional 72,000 16-17 year olds with unlinked accounts with a total value of around £90 million who would be able to take control of their account if they knew of its existence.

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