Education ideas bank launches

The cost of living ideas bank shown on a dell laptop screen

The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) Scotland launched the Cost of the School Day Ideas Bank providing resources to showcase what school communities around the country are doing to reduce costs and make sure everyone can fully take part in their school day.

The Cost of the School Day Ideas Bank consists of more than 40 short, impactful case studies, all of which feature activities, innovations or policy changes made by schools to reduce pressure on families, and ensure children feel ready to learn. It’s a collection of really practical, ‘tried and tested’ ideas direct from practitioners, which we hope will inspire school communities to make even more cost-conscious changes.

Another valuable resource is the CPAG’s Cost of the School Day eLearning course, which is due to launch soon. This course is designed to broaden practitioner knowledge of the financial challenges facing families and how schools can make a difference. It offers key learning on child poverty, financial barriers at school and practical ways to support learners, all delivered through engaging interactive scenarios, film and audio material, reflections and quizzes. 

CPAG Scotland’s Cost of the School Day project has been supported by the Scottish Attainment Challenge since 2018.

To hear more about Cost of the School Day’s current projects and campaigns, you can find them on Twitter @CPAGScotland, #CostoftheSchoolDay and you can sign up for their e-bulletins here.