Joining Cadet Forces ‘boosts learning and career outcomes’

On April 1 2020 there were 130,310 total Cadets and 28,920 CFAVs across Sea Cadets, Amy Cadet Force, Volunteer Cadet Corps and Air Training Corps

Young people who join the Cadet Forces perform better at school and improve their career prospects, a study found. 

The impact is particularly significant for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Cadets were also found to develop more confidence, plus gain skills such as leadership, teamwork, resilience and communication skills. 

The findings are highlighted in a report by researchers at the University of Northampton, titled ‘What is the social impact and return on investment resulting from expenditure on the Cadet Forces in the UK?.

The four-year study was conducted between 2016 to 2020 and commissioned by the Ministry of Defence. 

Researchers found cadets enjoyed a better education than before due to improved behaviour and attendance, improved mental and physical wellbeing, and that they were less vulnerable to bullying and extremism. 

Commodore Jonathan Fry, Head of Youth and Cadets for the MOD, has now highlighted the report and the “positive outcomes” of being a cadet, including “social mobility” and “better education”.

You can read the full report below

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