Life of a Dandelion

We love to celebrate the strengths and achievements of Forces families, particularly during the Month of the Military Child (MotMC).

But did you know that 5 April 2024 is National Dandelion Day? It’s fitting as dandelions are the official emblem of MotMC as its seeds are blown far and wide by the wind before planting roots and blossoming wherever these seeds land.

Forces Children’s Education, which is run by Carolyn MacLeod MBE, the National Education and Transitions Officer (NETO) of the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES), offers a number of resources available to Forces families and educators.

Carolyn said: “Military children often face a number of challenges, such as relocation, the absence of a parent or parents during deployment, and having to adapt to changing circumstances. That is why it’s perfect timing that National Dandelion Day falls in April – like the flower, Forces children can be uprooted and moved regularly, leaving behind families and friends, but they continue to bloom and survive wherever they land.

“Month of the Military Child highlights the challenges children and young people of Forces families face and overcome, while applauding their strengths and raise awareness of what their lives are like.”

The ‘Dandelion Poem’, written by an unknown author, is a great example of how resilient and strong Military children are:

Dandelions put down roots almost anywhere,
They are hardy and upright,
A survivor in a broad range of climates.
Military children bloom everywhere the winds carry them,
They are well-rounded, culturally aware, tolerant and
extremely resilient.
Dandelions and Military Children are ready to fly in the
breezes that take them… to new adventures, new lands and
new friends.
They learn that to survive means to adapt,
That when one door closes another door opens.
Their roots are strong, cultivated deep in the Armed Forces,
planted swiftly and surely.
Military children know that home is where their hearts are,
That a good friend can be found in every corner of the world.

In support of MotMC, we have compiled a digital toolkit of content to help children and young people, their families, educators and the wider community. Discover more here.