Report: Impact of service life

Cover:  The Impact of Service Life on the Military Child: Summary Report

The Naval Children’s Charity has produced a report on The Impact of Service Life on the Military Child, in association with The Veterans and Families Institute for Military Social Research (VFI).

The VFI was established in 2014 to provide research, consultancy and impact within the military and veteran’s community. To date, they have produced over 70 peer-reviewed papers and reports and contributed to a range of national and international panels, boards and commissions. Staff within the VFI are drawn from a wide range of research and policy backgrounds.

This report is written by Lauren Godier-McBard a Senior Research Fellow and the VFI research lead for Women and Equalities Research, Abigail Wood a Research Assistant in the VFI with a background in public policy, philosophy and ethics, and Matt Fossey an Associate Professor and the Director of the VFI with a background in social work practice, service improvement and health policy.

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