Step 1: Helping Armed Forces children and young people to thrive

A female teacher sitting with a female student helping her solve a problem

Armed Forces children and young people can thrive within the Scottish education system. Scotland’s needs-led, holistic and rights-based approach is designed to be inclusive for all children and young people in Scottish schools. This inclusive approach supports children and young people to thrive in their community and contributes to their understanding and appreciation of diversity, to help build a more just society.


Supporting children and young people from Forces families

This slide deck presentation provides an overview of the Scottish education system and how it can assist pupils. The learner-centred approach takes into account a child or young person’s strengths and provides support as required.

Slides 8 to 10 of the presentation look at some of the challenges and strengths some children and young people from Armed Forces families may encounter.

Reflective questions

  1. Do you know which learners/children and young people from your school or group are from Armed Forces families (regular, reserve and veterans)?
  2. How do you know your establishment is effectively supporting these children and young people?