Free webinar on how to help children be resilient

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Parents can help build resilience in their children

Parents and educators who want to help children be more resilient can learn top tips and strategies at a free online workshop. 

The webinar will offer advice on how you can help young people develop the skills they need to overcome worries, solve problems and fulfil their potential. 

The event, Flipping Kids: How to help your child be more resilient, is being hosted by Laughology – a training and consulting organisation built around the psychology of humour, laughter and happiness. 

During the workshop – on 10 September, from 12.30-1.20pm – parents will be introduced to the ‘FLIP-it Thinking’ model. Organisers say you will learn to ‘flip’ your thinking and become more resilient, solution-focused and happier. 

The event is being held in response to the pandemic and the effect this has had on the mental health and well-being of children and young people.  

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Facilitator Sarah Creegan will show participants how to:

  • Recognise ‘wonky’ thinking and language
  • Make sure children are focusing on the positives and things within their control
  • Help children identify patterns of behaviour that are helpful and break those that are not

To sign up or learn more, visit the Laughology website.

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