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Forces Children’s Education

Forces children are those with parents who are serving in the Regular or Reserved Armed Forces, or are Veterans. Forces Families are living in every local authority across Scotland and their children are enrolled in Scottish schools.

Children and young people of Armed Forces families are more likely to:

  • Experience interruptions to their learning
  • Experience disruption in their home life when one or more parent goes away suddenly or for long periods
  • Find it difficult to make friends
  • Experience different learning systems
  • Go to several schools during the course of their education – it’s not uncommon for a Forces child to experience five or six different schools before the age of 16
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Suffer anxiety, nervousness and confidence issues.

In order to help schools identify where these children are so that additional support can be provided, if and when it is needed, the SEEMiS indicator (annual data check form) now asks parents to declare whether they have a family member who is or has ever served in the Armed Forces.

A great deal of good practice is taking place across Scotland in local authorities and schools and there is a wide range of resource material and support available to help local authorities and Head Teachers get it right for these children and their families.

We have put together a training session which can be incorporated into Inset day planning. The half hour session includes a film ‘Getting it Right for Forces Families’ and a series of reflective questions and broader discussion material. Use the form in the blue box to find out more about Forces Childrens’ Education.

We have a range of resources to help teaching professionals support Forces Children. For more information complete the form below:

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