Celebrate Month of the Military Child

A mother blows a dandelion head with her baby son in the middle of a spring meadow.

In April we will celebrate the children and young people from Forces families during the Month of the Military Child.

This annual event recognises the youngsters in our Armed Forces community, providing a sense of support and recognition for them and their parents and guardians.

Military children often face unique life challenges such as relocations, the absence of a parent or parents during deployments, and having to adapt to changing circumstances.

During the month, the dandelion is used to symbolise Military children, while its seeds are blown far and wide by the wind, it will plant and blossom wherever it lands. The colour purple represents all branches of the military – a combination of all their colours. On 26 April, members of the public are encouraged to show their support by wearing purple on ‘Purple Up Day’. 

Carolyn MacLeod MBE, ADES National Education Officer, said: “There are thousands of children and young people from Armed Forces families in Scottish schools, bringing countless benefits from their experiences. It is important to recognise these benefits throughout the year while giving special emphasis during April’s Month of the Military Child.”

While we will be sharing more information on Month of the Military Child in the coming weeks, the Forces Children’s Education website always has resources available to support Forces and Veteran families.

The Forces Children’s Education website was created in collaboration with educators, families, partnership groups and the MOD to support the military community. See below for more detail and access to our free resources.

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We have lots of useful guides for families of school-age young people in our Families section.

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Our Educators section is filled with valuable information for teachers of Forces children across Scotland.