Guide to Scottish education created for families

A graphic showing the cover and an inside page of the Understanding Scottish Education System guide
Our Understanding Scottish Education Guide is a great starting point for families moving to scotland

A fact-filled guide to Scottish Education has been created for families by Forces Children’s Education Scotland. 

It offers an overview of early learning and childcare (ELC) and school settings to help both those already living in Scotland and anyone who moves here from elsewhere in the UK.

The 16-page booklet, ‘Understanding the Scottish Education System: An Overview for Armed Forces Families’, covers everything from Curriculum for Excellence to catchment areas and catering for additional support needs. 

Carolyn MacLeod, the National Transitions Officer for ADES (the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland) and who runs Forces Children’s Education, said: “The Forces Children’s Education website is the first point of contact for Armed Forces families moving into Scotland. We created this booklet to provide the information they will need to support their children’s education and to make moving easier. 

“The booklet is also a valuable tool for educators, professionals and partnership groups who work with Armed Forces families.”

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