Involving children in Remembrance Day commemorations

A collection of pebbles painted with remembrance messages and poppies

It is important to educate children about Remembrance Day and why we mark it every year. Poppy Pebbles is a great way to teach through creativity

School pupils across Scotland are invited to take part in #PoppyPebbles22.

Organised by the Forces Employment Charity to encourage education activities on the importance of Remembrance Day, the main activity is to paint a poppy on a pebble, the team at Poppy Pebbles recommends “making sure to seal them afterwards with a varnish otherwise their beautiful work will wash away with the first rain”, and put it near a war memorial in the local area or to use in a class picture.

The project encourages students to learn about the importance of Remembrance, why the occasion is honoured every year, learn more about war memorials and identify what they can do in their local community to mark Remembrance Day.

The Poppy Pebbles has an activity pack for educators, which includes lesson ideas and discussion topics to inspire students. If your family or class does paint some Poppy Pebbles, you can share pictures on Facebook with Poppy Pebbles and Forces Children’s Education.

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