Admissions Guidance

Children and Young People of Armed Forces families are often required to move community and schools with limited prior notice.

Professional educators recognise that these children often have ‘short-term’ Additional Support Needs at the point of transition, which if they are not supported, means there is a risk that they will not make a successful transition.

As with all learners with Additional Support Needs it is important for Forces children that education records are up-to-date and evidence of learning is recorded.

Senior Management should be very clear about their expectations that personalised transition plans should be considered for all Forces children and that staff need to work hard to help these children and young people to continue their education.

It is possible within the local context to provide a balanced approach to admissions to school which takes full account of the exceptional circumstances which individual Forces Families face as a consequence of postings to Scotland.

We have produced this advice for schools on the main issues identified by individual education authorities in Scotland; to help consideration of the particular circumstances rather than provide a definitive response to a single set of challenges.